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In the early years of the new millenium we bought some delightful vintage chevron beads and thought what wonderful pantaloons they would make ... and our first ever character was born.

Joey's creation caused a creative surge of beaded characters...

An Introduction

One of our millenium babes, with genuine lapis lazuli cabochon eyes.

We are experimenting with crystal and bead eyes in our latest characters.

Unlike our dolls, the new line will not have beaded bodies, instead we will be trying clay and cloth and wrapped wire (think old fashioned dolls house dolls).

Our first attempt at a full new style head, with glass bead pupils, eyelids, ears and carefully blended hair, we know he isn't perfect and we did not work much on his mouth or nose, but he is a benchmark in our character creations.

The book used to motivate us to add life to our new figures.

Anatomically correct, Katherine's creations are beautiful and the book has been an invaluable tool, with our new figures we hope to strike the happy medium between the lifelike figures of the Dewey book and our crystal eyed millenium characters.

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