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Gemstone beads are found in many sizes and shapes, commonly from 2mm - 40mm


Oriental Carvings

Commonly in boxwood or sandalwood, these beads often teamed with netsuke are intricately carved.

Rocaille and Seed

Seed & Bugle


Casting a shimmer and sparkle to many a garment, and pizzazz to costume jewellery, or interest to embroidery, these tiny beads have many uses.

Crystal Beads

Crystal Beads

Pearls and Facets

From Bohemia, where the sand is rich in silica (which gives quartz it's sparkle) these beads were made to mimick quality gems.


Bohemia/Czech Beads

Timeless Classic

The first bead makers set up their workshops in the 14th century, having travelled it is thought from Venice, their beads have a quality to compare with the best.


Venetian Glass

A centuries old classic

When exiled to the Venetian islands, fleeing refugees became the best bead makers in the world

Oriental Beads


Oriental Beads

Cloisonné, Hill Tribe Silver and porcelain beads from the Far East.

Trade Beads

Trade Beads

Antique & Vintage

Found in North America and North Africa, these glass beads from Bohemia and Venice have a tale to tell ... if only they could talk

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